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Fortune Ocean Tech

Founded in 2019 and established in Singapore, FOT is a local software and IT service provider, and a leading IT product development and digital engineering service company. FOT relies on its own decade experience on software engineering, innovative strategic planning, professional IT consulting services and design capabilities. Through client engagement, with innovative design and next-generation solutions, it serves client and turn the business challenges into business opportunities. With cutting edge technology to provide high quality solutions for clients in local market. FOT has aimed to be the leading IT service companies and targeted clients in e-commerce, marine digitization and digital entertainment industries, by providing enterprise-level R&D, cloud computing and big data with continuous high-quality deliverables.

What We Do

Win by converting breakthrough ideas to real outcomes, fast. Our end-to-end services combine business and innovation strategy, experience design, technology consulting and best-in-class software engineering to deliver results on a global scale.

Our Services


We generate progress, not paper. You get results-focused, multidisciplinary teams that prepare you for the future.


We rewrite the rules of interaction. From services to objects to digital, you get multimodal experiences designed to fuel growth.


We make technology transformation happen. You get omnichannel software platforms architected for the future and built to scale.


Commercial software product practices deployed to deliver next-generation integrated & smart-run services.


Process optimization turned into platforms for innovation through data-driven decisions and a product-centric approach.

How We Do It

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams and our award-winning proprietary global delivery platform.




Are we enlightened builders or practical visionaries? The answer is, both. Either way, we bring the skills to position you for the future and build the platforms to take you there. From strategic consulting to engineering at scale, we work across the full digital transformation spectrum to give you the right services at the right time. The result? A smooth flow from the right ideas to real results—faster, at scale, with no handoffs.

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